A New Drive For Australian Motorsport

A New Drive For Australian Motorsport

The future of motorsport in Australia will be driven by a single umbrella organisation.

The newly-created Australian Motorsport Council will provide a united approach by combining the resources of the bodies responsible for car, motorcycle, kart and drag racing.

The Council is not replacing any of the functions of its member groups, but is instead focussed on presenting a united front for the future development of all forms of motorsport.

It’s the first time there has been a unified body in Australia and its creation comes as a reaction to the unique 21st century challenges required for advocacy with all levels of government and the common stakeholders involved in the various forms of motorsport.

The AMC will speak for more than 335,000 participants, over 1000 affiliated clubs, 460 licensed racetracks and 18,000 trained officials across the country.

Mick Doohan is the first chairman for the Council, which brings together Motorsport Australia, Motorcycling Australia, Karting Australia and the Australian National Drag Racing Association. The CEOs of the four individual bodies will form the rest of board for the AMC.

The only notable absentee is speedway racing, but its operation is controlled by a number of category-specific groups.

“We’re at a pivotal time for motorsport, on all sorts of fronts. It’s everything from government relations to insurance, safety and future growth,” said Doohan.

“We need to re-set the bar. And set it high.”

The founding members of the AMC have a combined history of almost 260 years and are all not-for-profit and membership-based organisations.

They currently control, regulate, supervise, promote, licence, permit, insure, develop and manage the overwhelming majority of motorsport in Australia.

The AMC board has plans to meet with all State and Territory governments in the early months of 2021 to introduce the new body, identify policy priorities and seek support.

The first objectives are a broad suite of topics from identifying and addressing issues that impact the on member bodies, creating a credible united voice for effective advocacy, growing the participation level of motorsport, improve safety, and push the political and social significance of motorsport.

“Often people outside of motorsport, including many levels of government, have a misunderstanding about how and where motorsports fits into the sporting landscape,” said Doohan.

“Outside of the Olympic sports, motorsport has generated more international success for Australia than most other ‘global’ sports. It has inspired generations of followers to dream the dream of both national and international competition and to conquer the best that Australia and the world has to offer.

“Motorsport delivers long-term social, sporting, community and economic benefits. The mission of the AMC is to build upon the rich heritage of Australia motorsport, both domestically and internationally. In so doing, we must ensure that all Australian motorsport is conducted with the highest standards of safety, integrity and fairness.”