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Wayne Webster

Wayne Webster was the man on the spot for the Daily Telegraph newspaper when the Challenger space shuttle exploded. He covered the event in meticulous detail, including in-depth interviews with eye witnesses, from the bar of the Hilton Hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida. After all, his assignment in the USA to cover the Daytona 24-Hour sports car classic . . . Like many of the world’s great writers, including Ernest Hemingway, Webster wrote many of his best stories in a bar. He started as a kid and became a veteran of the motoring beat, covering new-new launches from 1978 when he was the first person to be booked speeding in a VB Commodore. He also reported motorsport of all kinds from around the world, and was a great mate to many of Australia’s touring car champions and Bathurst winners. “I finished second in a round-Australia with Peter Brock and his feet were so big it was like sharing a room with Ronald McDonald,” Webster recalled for Race News. He also inspired Gregg Hansford to his victory with Larry Perkins in The Great Race, after pointing out that Hansford needed to act like a serious racer instead of a male model in Bathurst for a fashion shoot. Webster served at the Daily and Sunday Telegraphs for more than 20 years and was also a columnist for Motor magazine for more than a decade. His wit and wisdom won him many fiends, and a few enemies including one who threatened to kill him, during his time as a talented sideline and behind-the-wheel commentator. Now he is back for Race News. “I cannot believe this, I can still write. And I like it. So here we go - again,” Webster said.


Way, way back in a far, far corner at Ferrari’s jaw-droppingly-mega motorsport ‘death star’ complex in Maranello, Italy, a couple of dozen guys are...

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