Bathurst Wildcard Cup

Bathurst Wildcard Cup
Jamie Whincup performs during stop 3 of the Supercars Championship in Symmons Plains, Tasmania. Australia. April 18 2019.

The upcoming ‘Wildcard Cup’ at Bathurst will provide an easy win for Broc Feeney and Russell Ingall, according to The Enforcer.

The two-time race winner is confident that Broc Feeney will make the difference as the pair line up against Greg Murphy and Richie Stanaway in the race-within-a-race at the Repco Bathurst 1000.

“We are definitely going to win the Wildcard Cup,” Ingall told Race News, adding a new prize to the battle of Bathurst in 2021.

“It’s a no-brainer. Broc’s speed with my talent and good looks, how can you go wrong?

“I say that in jest, but I honestly think we will be a surprise. And that’s not just my point of view, a lot of people are talking about Broc.

“I’m expecting big things of the boy. And he’s handling the pressure very well.”

Ingall has his own pressure thanks to his age, his years out of Supercars and his fitness, but said he is putting in a maximum effort to ensure he is competitive.

“I’m in constant pain every day when I get back from the gym.”

Ingall has had his first brief hit-out in Feeney’s Super2 Commodore as he prepares to resume his racing in a SuperCheap Auto-backed Commodore from Triple Eight, but is more focussed on the impact of the two Wildcard entries in October.

“I reckon the two teams will be sharing a boom and garages at the blunt end of the pitlane. We’ll call our end of the pits Memory Lane,” he laughed.

“Rather than predict the outcome of the race, what about how busy it will be at the back of the garages? We will win that by miles.

“There will be a fairly healthy crowd down there all weekend, and we’ll be looking after them.”

Ingall is hopeful of extra Wildcard starters at Bathurst and believes old-timers like himself and Murphy bring extra interest to the race.

“There is a following there. It’s almost taking a bit of a retro stance to the race. It’s got a lot of plusses and not too many negatives,” he said.

“It’s also catering to the fans who have hung around and remember the good racing from out era. There is a following there.”

And what about his upcoming clash with Murphy?

“I was one of the few that got along with him alright, although a couple of my team mates didn’t,” Ingall said.

“To be honest, after the whole messy mongrel exodus from Fox, Murph was the only one who called me up. To this day, he was the only one from Supercars who called me up. And I rate that.”

“I reckon there race will be quite fun. I really rate Richie too. And I rate him on his European exploits where he did some good stuff. I think he just had an off bottle of milk or something in Australia.

“It will be good to see him back behind the wheel. It’s all good stories. And, trust me, they need it in Supercars.”