Darwin Postcard #3

Darwin Postcard #3

Cam Waters has a need…

Darwin feeds his need with plenty of V8 speed as the Monster Mustang driver straps in for his annual sideways sprintcar slides.

Instead of heading for a beach, or a boat, or a crocodile farm, he hits the oval just on dusk for some Top End hot laps at Northline Speedway.

Waters is no stranger to dirt-track racing, after running Late Model cars in his younger days, and he is able to plug-in to the local speedway scene with ease.

“I’m pretty keen on sprintcars. And I had a few days to kill up here,” Waters tells Race News.

“Jamie O’Neill owns the sprintcar and he knows my personal sponsor Colin McQuinn. It was great for him to give me a go.”

The track is prepared exactly as it would be for a full-on race meeting, slick at first but getting quicker all the time.

“It was awesome to have another steer. It was only my second time in a sprinter, after last year up here,” Waters says.

“It’s still pretty new to me. But they fully juiced the track. Put a lot of water into it so there was plenty of grip.

“With only one car running around it was hard to buzz the top off but on the last run the track was starting to get pretty good.”