GEN3 Officially Delayed

GEN3 Officially Delayed

After months of speculation and questions, Supercars has officially delayed the introduction of its Gen3 racers.

Their arrival will now happen mid-season, in August 2022.

Without any detail on next year’s calendar it is impossible to confirm the first race for the new cars, but it is being time to allow plenty of racing before the Gen3 cars get to the Repco Bathurst 1000 in October.

Although top teams have already begun work on the changeover, the decision has been made to ease the way for the Gen3 cars.

It will allow more time for everything from chassis construction and moulding of new bodywork to the tuning and tweaking of next-generation V8 engines which are likely to be 5.4 litres for Ford teams and 5.7 litres for Chevrolet outfits.

Supercars has only provided sketchy detail on the decision, despite its deliberations and discussions this year.

“Following challenges with international supply chains and ongoing domestic disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision has been made to ensure a seamless introduction of the new platform,” Supercars said in a statement.

But there is good news for teams, which will have more time and less pressure for the changeover.

It will also allow more discussion on the tumble-down effect on Super2 of current cars.

“The preparation and building of the Gen3 race cars will still be conducted as quickly as possible and the completion of the Camaro and Mustang prototypes are a key short-term focus,” said Supercars.

“The additional time will be used to thoroughly test new components prior to introduction, particularly those that must be sourced from outside of Australia.”

Then comes the good news for Supercars followers.

“Supercars remains committed to unveiling the prototype Gen3 cars to fans as soon as possible. The prototypes will have regular outings at all Supercars events in the lead-up to racing next year.”