Jack Back At Bogey Track

Jack Back At Bogey Track

Jack Miller nearly died at Le Mans.

Now he is back in France, fresh from his breakthrough first MotoGP win with the factory Ducati team, looking for something special.

The flamboyant Aussie knows he has one-lap speed but he also knows he needs to be consistent and quick, and consistently quick, to be a contender in season 2021.

And he has no intention of repeating the giant crash in 2017 that could have killed him.

“You know I have a kind of love-hate relationship with France, with Le Mans especially,” said Miller.

“I’ve had a win here in Moto3™, but I nearly died here at Turn 1. Then, last year, I did feel like I died as well when the bike cut out with like seven to go.”

Miller has the confidence of a last-start winner in MotoGP, even though there is torrid competition this year and it’s his Ducati team mate Francesco Bagnaia who sits at the top of the points table.

“At the end of the day, bike racers we’re always looking for what’s next and what we can try to do more, you know, we always want more so for sure just looking at coming here and trying to do a strong weekend like we did in Spain.”

Did the win make a difference?

“It’s a whole mix of everything you know, relief, but also it makes you more eager for the next one.”

So how as the Le Mans preparation gone?

“I mean, it’s been a pretty calm week to be honest. I’ve just stuck to what we’ve been doing the last few and just been training and doing what I can.

“Thankfully there was some decent weather in Spain and Andorra over the week and I was able to get out on the bicycle, but doesn’t look like we will have much of that this weekend.”

But what about a forecast for rain.

“I think we’re prepared for all conditions that are coming this weekend. I’ve been known to be pretty good in the wet so if that comes it comes, I feel like I’ve got a score to settle with Le Mans, you know after last year.”