Lambo Boss To Lead F1

Lambo Boss To Lead F1

The future of Formula One is in the hands of Stefano Domenicali, the urbane Italian who led Ferrari to its most recent F1 world title and also drove Lamborghini into the 21st century with cars like its first SUV, the Urus.

Domenicali has been appointed as the new chairman and CEO of F1, a post he will take up on January 1 as the successor to Chase Carey from Liberty Media.

It was the heavily moustachioed Carey who led the transition of grand prix racing from the Bernie Ecclestone era, successfully achieving a renewal of the critical Concorde Agreement that binds all parties to F1 as well as massive technical changes for 2022 and a budget cap that is intended to even the field.

Domincali’s appointment completes a sweep of the top spots in F1 by former Ferrari leaders, as his predecessor Jean Todt is the head of the FIA and the F1 Sporting Director Ross Brawn – who also took a world title as boss of Brawn F1 before selling to Mercedes-Benz – was previously the Italian team’s technical director.

After a week of well-sourced leaks on the appointment, Lamborghini broke the news first with the announcement that its leader was leaving.

He only joined Lamborghini as a consolation prize, as he was originally hired from Ferrari by the giant Volkswagen Group to spearhead a failed plan to take Audi into F1.

Domenicali never severed his ties to top-level motorsport, as he continued as head of the Single Seater Commission at the FIA.

“I am thrilled to join the Formula 1 organisation, a sport that has always been part of my life,” said Domenicali.

“I was born in Imola and live in Monza. The past six years at Audi and then leading Lamborghini have given me broader perspective and experience that I will bring to Formula 1.”

Not surprisingly, current Ferrari F1 chief Mattia Binotto was the first to welcome Domenicali.

“Personally, it will be a pleasure for me to work with a good friend, as we came through the ranks at Ferrari together,” he said.

“On behalf of Ferrari, I would first like to thank Chase Carey. There have been many positive changes made to the sport under his leadership, in particular the promoter’s relationship with the teams. And let’s not forget that Formula 1 has managed to put on a World Championship this year under very difficult circumstances.

“We very much appreciate the fact that continuity is assured as Chase stays on as the non-executive Chairman of Formula 1.”