Mostert Plans Colourful Supercars Attack

Mostert Plans Colourful Supercars Attack

Chaz Mostert intends to run wild through the rest of this year’s Supercars championship.

But, before anyone calls the touring car cops, he’s not talking about crashing or bashing with his WAU Commodore.

For Mostert, 2020 is as much about the ‘do’ as the ’go’ in the show.

He has already shown his hand – and hair – through the bleached-blonde look he carried through the Supercars All Star Eseries, but now he has gone fully ice-white and there is more to come.

“COVID made a lot of people go crazy. A little bit of blonde, a little bit of bleach,” Mostert tells Race News.

“The football codes, AFL and NRL, has switched it up. I thought it was time for our sport to get on the bandwagon.”

Mostert says he is still super-serious about his work commitments since switching to Walkinshaw Andretti United, but cannot see any reason not to have fun at the same time.

He has always had fun with his hair, and wearing his caps backwards, and crazy shorts and boots.

“I think they knew I was a little bit wild when they signed me up. They haven’t told me to change it back.

“I’ll see how far I can go with it before I get pulled back. You’ll see some different colours through the year.”

What colours can fans and rivals expect?

“I don’t want to give it away,” Mostert laughs.

As the chat turns away from his hair, Mostert turns serious on the run-up to the return of racing at Sydney Motorsport Park.

He believes it’s too early to take the temperature on his move to WAU, despite early podium places, or what is coming up.

“It’s a new environment and a new team. To be honest, I don’t really sum up how the year is going or tracking along.

“You got to a new place for new challenges, so I’m in that mindset. The challenges for the team is where they have run in the past couple of years and how to improve on that.”

“It’s still very early in the year for us. Realistically, you’ve got to keep pushing forward.”

As he prepares for SMP 2.0, Mostert is looking to bounce back on a weekend that didn’t deliver as hoped.

“We didn’t have that great a weekend. We really chased it. We just didn’t hit the ground running at the start of the weekend.

“That’s the challenge. At Eastern Creek we had a couple of fourths, so it’s always a bit disappointing to just miss out on the podium.”

He believes returning to the same track will give valuable data and a back-to-back comparison on the basics of the Commodore, as well as the WAU set-up.

“You’ve really got to have a data point. Our starting point will definitely be where we were happiest last time. But with a lot of changes to work through.”

He also wants to know more about the positives and negatives of the car.

“It’s good to have a back-to-back test. We’ve got to go back there and see if there is a set-up weakness.”

But Mostert, ice-cool cut and all, says he is enjoying racing more now than he has for some time.

“To be honest, I’m enjoying the team vibe most out of the thing. Everyone is really positive. The core group seems really positive and bubbly.

“It’s nice to be going racing like that. And probably having a bit more involvement in the team. It’s a really nice environment.”