Supercars CEO Talks Second-wave Silly Season

Supercars CEO Talks Second-wave Silly Season

There are far more questions than answers in Supercars today.

There could be a double-header in Darwin, The Bend could take the place of Sandown on the 2020 calendar, Victorian teams could operate from a ‘hive’ on the Gold Coast like football teams, and Townsville could still be cancelled.

But that is all speculation, right until the moment that someone pushes the GO or NO button.

The man in that hot seat is the CEO of Supercars, Sean Seamer, who has the day-by-day and minute-by-minute responsibility to keep the wheels of Supercars turning.

He has heard all the questions, and has many more of his own, as he copes with everything from border shut-downs to transport arrangements, television logistics and COVID-19 safety precautions.

Seamer is snowed but made the time to face the big questions from Race News.

These are his unfiltered answers to everything that have been raised over recent days, and the ongoing uncertainty over the remainder of the 2020 season.

  1. What is the biggest challenge currently facing Supercars?

The same challenge that’s facing everyone in Australia right now; a lack of certainty around the impact of the virus. All we can do is stay nimble and prepare multiple scenarios.

  1. Are you happy with what you have in place for the SMP 2.0 meeting in Sydney in just over a week?

Absolutely, we have a proven play book and protocols from two weeks ago that we are building on. It should be a positive evolution.

  1. How much support is Supercars giving to the teams, and what are some of the key details?

We’re doing everything we can from cost savings via changes in regulations to logistics support and medical advice.

  1. Can you can get through the current Victorian crisis without too much additional impact on the 2020 series?

Time will be the ultimate arbiter there. Right now, we just need to focus on what we can control.

  1. Are you expecting any further government restrictions that will affect any of the teams in the short term?

We should all expect some changes in restrictions over the coming weeks. The ultimate impact on our operations will need to be worked through with our Government partners and the teams.

  1. What do you think of the suggestion that Supercars teams from Victoria could operate from a ‘hive’ in either Queensland or NSW, similar to football codes?

Anything is possible and everything’s on the table. We just need to be mindful of the impact, not just on costs, but on the lives and families involved in such decisions.

  1. Are further SMP-style double-headers being considered, perhaps starting with Darwin, and how could or would they operate?

Everything is on the table. We have had multiple scenario plans done for months now, right now our focus is on SMSP. But, yes, we are considering future double-headers, including at Darwin.

  1. The deadline for infrastructure set-up in Townsville is coming up fast, so when will a final go-no go decision be made on the meeting?

By the end of July.

  1. Are you working on a plan for Sandown in case of ongoing Victorian restrictions, perhaps involving a move to The Bend in SA?

Yes. We’re talking to The Bend and Winton.

  1. What is the latest on spectators for Supercars races, stating at SMP but – with Darwin locked in – then Townsville, Bathurst, and beyond?

Based on the current restrictions, you can expect a level of attendance to be available at all future events. It’s a watching brief though.