Supercars TV Stars

Supercars TV Stars

It’s not Neighbours or Home and Away, but a new television production shows the potential talent on the Supercars grid.

Good looking youngsters Cam Waters, Scott Pye and Jack LeBrocq are the new TV headliners who have been plucked from their cars to star in front of the cameras.

And perhaps there is a potential soapie tie-up going forward, through the Seven Network.

This time around, the threesome are the ’talent’ for a major marketing campaign that’s being used to lure fans to the upcoming Supercars stoush at The Bend, outside Adelaide.

They are followed on a drive from the remains of the Adelaide street circuit to The Bend, through some of South Australia’s leading tourist attractions, to The Bend.

If it looks like there is a ‘but coming, there is …

The TV commercial is part of a promotion by OTR, the biggest service station operator in South Australia and – wait for it – part of the business empire of the Shahin family, which owns The Bend.

Even so, it’s a cut-through campaign that gives more exposure to the drivers and that’s never a bad thing for Supercars. And they even drive the road going versions of their Ford Mustang and Holden Commodore race cars.

In addition to 15-second and 30-second commercials, the Supercars visit on May 7-9 is being backed by a large-scale billboard campaign.

Apart from racing, the television package includes a lunch visit to a winery and ski boat fun on the Murray River.

“It was hard to drag them away from the boat and then the winery to finish filming,” said Michael Rossi, marketing manager at The Bend.

“They had a great time and really embraced what we are trying to do, which is showing Supercars fans that there’s so much to see and do in the regions surrounding the circuit – it really is spectacular.”