The View From the Couch

The View From the Couch

Huge kudos to Shane Van Gisbergen for his effort at Sydney Motorsport Park.

He could have resorted to a bump-and-run move on Scott McLaughlin in the dying laps of Race 7 of the 2020 championship, but resisted the temptation.

Second place was one worse than he wanted, but it was a fantastic resumption of their personal battle and proof that the disrupted COVIC season will be a cracker.

What else emerged from Sydney Motorsport Park:

  • The top three finishers – McLaughlin, van Gisbergen, Whincup – all took four fresh tyres at their pitstop
  • Whincup was using the new steering wheel he had previously trialled, with the top of the rim removed
  • 107 days away made no difference at the top end of town, with Chaz Mostert also resuming as ‘best of the rest’
  • James Courtney bungled in qualifying but picked up plenty of places in his first start with the Boost Mustang
  • Alex Davison blamed Courtney for the front-suspension failure on his hand-me-down Commodore that put him out of the race.
  • Anton de Pasquale comprehensively out-performed his team mate David Reynolds as McLaughlin did the same to Fabian Coulthard
  • The race start was used to announce a fresh five-year broadcast deal with Sky Sport in New Zealand

What to watch in the Sunday sprints:

  • How the cars line up without the Top 15 shootout
  • Which drivers rebound best from today – van Gisbergen, Whincup and Reynolds are worth watching
  • Pitstop tactics as teams assess the benefits of the preferred ‘loaded side’ switch on Saturday against the four-tyre stops of the front runners
  • The tyre game – who has enough quality tyres, how they are deployed, timing of stops

Race 7 Result

1Shell V-Power Racing TeamScott McLaughlinFord Mustang GT3249:59.586
2Red Bull Holden Racing TeamShane van GisbergenHolden Commodore3249:59.773
3Red Bull Holden Racing TeamJamie WhincupHolden Commodore3250:09.361
4Mobil 1 TM Appliances OnlineChaz MostertHolden Commodore3250:10.662
5Dunlop Super Dealer RacingNick PercatHolden Commodore3250:27.914
6Monster Energy RacingCameron WatersFord Mustang GT3250:30.384
7Truck Assist RacingLee HoldsworthFord Mustang GT3250:31.341
8Penrite RacingAnton de PasqualeHolden Commodore3250:31.370
9IRWIN RacingMark WinterbottomHolden Commodore3250:32.256
10Shell V-Power Racing TeamFabian CoulthardFord Mustang GT3250:34.824
11Brut Military GradeTodd HazelwoodHolden Commodore3250:35.866
12Boost Mobile RacingJames CourtneyFord Mustang GT3250:43.566
13Mobil 1 TM Middy’s RacingBryce FullwoodHolden Commodore3250:43.576
14Castrol RacingRick KellyFord Mustang GT3250:47.869
15NED Whisky RacingAndre HeimgartnerFord Mustang GT3250:48.025
16Yellow Cover RacingGarry JacobsonHolden Commodore3250:50.430
17DEWALT RacingScott PyeHolden Commodore3250:50.645
18Team CoolDriveMacauley JonesHolden Commodore3250:50.996
19Supercheap Auto RacingJack Le BrocqFord Mustang GT3250:51.475
20Team SYDNEYChris PitherHolden Commodore3251:01.621
21Penrite RacingDavid ReynoldsHolden Commodore3251:21.969
22UNIT RacingJake KosteckiHolden Commodore3251:23.756
23SCT Motor SportsJack SmithHolden Commodore3150:02.089
NCLocal Legends RacingAlex DavisonHolden Commodore1219:05.629