Tom Takes 2

Tom Takes 2

Tom Randle has his sights on the Main Game after claiming a provisional Super2 series win for 2020 and but enduring a miserable run in the Bathurst 1000.

He and Nick Percat had an awful run in The Great Race but he had already done enough in Super2 to trump his closest rival Will Brown.

There is no confirmation from Supercars that the Super2 points are closed, with some talk about another meeting in 2020 and questions about the number of events needed for an official championship, but Randle is ready to celebrate.

“It’s great to get the final race and win the round,” Randle told Race News.

“Tom deserves to be where he is. I screwed it up,” said Brown.

The Erebus youngster kept the Super2 battle going on Friday at Bathurst when he won the first of two races in his Commodore, as Randle battled a missfire in his Nissan Altima, but he over-cooked things on Saturday when he speared off and handed an easy win to his rival.

“My mistake. I should have waited,” said Brown.

After seven sprints for the Supercars nursery group, Randle had a big smile and another winner’s trophy.

“It was great fun. I think it’s a privilege to race at Bathurst,” said Randle.

But what around the Super2 crown?

“It is what it is. We’ve all done the same number of races,” said Randle.

“If we can only do three rounds, that’s all we can do. I don’t know what’s happening. I just can’t see us racing again if the borders don’t open.”

No matter what happens in Super2, Randle knows where he wants to be in 2021.

He is the protege of Rusty French, one of the co-owners of Tickford Racing and an enthusiastic collector of fast cars, who has helped him into everything from historic touring cars to S500 single-seaters and even an exotic Bentley GT3 sports car.

Randle now has a connection with Brad Jones Racing but it would not be a surprise if he was found a place somewhere through French’s connections.

So, is he confident of a full-time Supercars ride next year.

“I’d like to hope so. That’s 100 per cent what I want to do,” Randle told Race News.

“Hopefully we’ll have some more discussions after the race weekend.”