Wolff Backs Vettel To Aston

Wolff Backs Vettel To Aston

Financial backing from Germany could make the crucial difference in plans to recruit Sebastian Vettel to Aston Martin Racing in 2021.

Manoeuvring towards the objective is confirmed by Toto Wolff, a shareholder in Aston Martin, who says that “discussions are ongoing” between Racing Point and the Ferrari refugee.

Wolff, whose shareholding is only a small one now, outlines the problem that is obvious to anyone who is tracking the next move for the four-time world champion.

But he also introduces the potential for a German driver when Germany is a key sales target for Aston Martin, which is desperate to build sales from 2021 with the make-or-break DBX that is its first SUV model.

“It is not easy to replace Checo Perez with Vettel because he is an important and positive part of the team,” he says.

“But, from an Aston Martin perspective, it would be a huge coup. Germany is the second most important market for Aston Martin.”

Wolff makes it clear that he is not involved in discussions or negotiations. These are being conducted by others.

There is obviously sufficient interest from Vettel for the team to pay attention and not deny the stories.

This means that Sergio Perez is also well aware that he might lose his drive.

However, it is likely that any contract settlement would cost a lot of money. The team has made the point of saying that it has contracts for next year with both Perez and Lance Stroll and insists that it will not break a contract.

However, the implication is there as teams have to abide by decisions of the Contract Recognition Board and so the only way out of the deal would be a settlement, which would not be breaking the contract in the strict sense of the phrase, but would be putting Perez into a position where he has little choice but to agree terms.

Vettel has made it clear that there is no deal as yet.

“I would give you an answer if I really knew,” he says at Silverstone during the British Grand Prix weekend.

“But at the moment I don’t and I think it’s probably realistic to be patient and wait a little bit. It could be a couple of weeks, it could be longer than that.

“Time will tell. Nothing has changed to what I mentioned in the last three weeks.

“I’m not in a rush, I want to make sure that I make the right decision for myself and then take it from there. I have made it clear, given the right package, I have a lot more to give… but it depends on what the options are.”

Stories in the Italian media suggest Vettel might also have had an offer from Scuderia AlphaTauri, on the basis that he used to drive for the team before he joined Red Bull, and going down that path might be a way to get back into Red Bull Racing.

But that does not seem like sensible option for Vettel, particularly if the Racing Point is offering him a deal.